Free Dora Explorer Games

Welcome to Free Dora Explorer Games.  We’ve put together the largest collection of Dora games on the internet, so you’ll always find fun games for the kids to play.  Please check back often, because new games are coming out all of the time and we like to keep our Dora games up to date.  Remember, our games are always free and always fun.  Enjoy playing free Dora Explorer Games.


Dora Cooking in La Cucina dora the babysitter dora adventure dress up
Dora’s Cooking in La Cucina
Help Dora cook fun food in her kitchen.  CLICK TO PLAY
Dora the Babysitter – Dora
needs your help to babysit her brother & sister. CLICK TO PLAY
Dora’s Adventure Dress Up – Get Dora dressed up for her next adventure.  CLICK TO PLAY
dora mini golf dora pirate boat treasure hunt dora puzzle bridge
Dora’s Mini Golf – Play
miniature golf with Dora the Explorer.  CLICK TO PLAY
Dora’s Treasure Hunt – Explore
a pirate boat for hidden treasure with Dora.  CLICK TO PLAY
Dora’s Puzzle Bridge – Dora and Boots need your help fixing the bridge. CLICK TO PLAY
dora saves map game dora saves the farm game dora fairytale fiesta game
Dora Saves Map – Help Dora save map on her adventure.  CLICK TO PLAY Dora Saves the Farm – Dora
needs your help to save her farm.  CLICK TO PLAY
Dora’s Fairytale Fiesta – Dora
has been invited to a party at the king’s castle and for this party. CLICK TO PLAY.
doras magical garden game doras matching game doras music maker game
Dora’s Magical Garden – Make
the fruit and vegetables grow in Dora’s garden.  CLICK TO PLAY.
Dora’s Matching Game – Match
the same cards together to win the game.  CLICK TO PLAY.
Dora’s Music Maker – Play all
kinds of instruments with Dora.  CLICK TO PLAY
Dora's Spooky Forest Game dora's rain forest adventure dora the explorer jigsaw puzzle
Dora’s Spooky Forest – Help
Dora & Boots get through the spooky forest.  CLICK TO PLAY.
Dora’s Rain Forest Adventure
See if you can help Dora & Boots get through the rain forest. CLICK TO PLAY
Dora’s Jigsaw Puzzle – Try to put Dora the Explorer and her friends back together in this fun jigsaw puzzle game . CLICK TO PLAY

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